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    H-Net - H-DigiRhet Discussion Network Resources and online discussion for those who are working at the intersections of writing, rhetoric, communication, and digital technologies, focusing on issues of digital composition, CMC, digital literacy, ICTs, HCI and digital rhetoric. ... (tags: resources)
    Portal British Academy's directory of online resources in the humanities and social sciences
    Intute (former Sosig ) resources for Social Sciences (research tools at Sosig)
    Social Science Research Network (resources, papers)
    Theoretical Sources in IT
    Voice of the Shuttle
    Cyberculture Hotlinks 2. Prepared by Sean Cubitt. Liverpool John Moore University
    Cyberspace, Virtual Reality, and Critical Theory
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    Media Literacy Europe (UE)

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    Archive Ouverte-CCSD
    Biblioteca Online-BOCC
    Culture Machine
    Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    SFU Library Research Guide
    Scielo Library Collection
    The European Library
    The Virtual Library
    Ubuweb (sounds, videos, McLuhan, Barthes, Lacan, and many many others)
    SEP Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    M/Cyclopedia of New Media
    Nombre Falso comunicación y sociología de la cultura
    Biblioteca Clacso
    Dialnet un portal de difusión de la producción científica hispana
    Portal Timbo portal de acceso universal on-line a la bibliografía científico-tecnológica internacional y a los bancos de patentes
    Portal Capes O Portal Brasileiro da Informação Científica. "periódicos com textos completos, bases de dados referenciais com resumos, patentes, teses e dissertações, estatísticas e outras publicações de acesso gratuito na Internet selecionados pelo nível acadêmico"
    Intute: Social Sciences

    Reportaje de Mario Moros en Noticias Cuatro sobre libros electrónicos. Hablan José Antonio Millán, escritor y bloguero; Roger Chartier, historiador; Juan Manuel Abascal, escritor y director de la biblioteca virtual Cervantes; y Albert Cuesta, editor de CanalPDA. (by albertc)

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    Academic Commons "Academic Commons aims to share knowledge, develop collaborations, and evaluate and disseminate digital tools and innovative practices for teaching and learning with technology." ... (tags: education academic resources)
    Center for Media Design - Ball State University The Center for Media Design is an R&D facility focused on the creation, testing and practical application of digital technologies for business, classroom, home and community. The center is part of Ball State's iCommunication initiative... (tags: research media resources)
    Development Gateway Portal Open Educational Resources and more. ... (tags: resources)
    HighBeam Research Search 1.5 million articles (Free and Premium) ... (tags: resources)
    LexisNexis News - Latest News from over 4,000 sources, including newspapers, tv transcripts, wire services, magazines, journals News database of LexisNexis ... (tags: resources)
    PennEnglish: Calls for Papers The calls for papers archived here are collected from the cfp at mailing list. ... (tags: cfp academic resources conference) Sociology in Switzerland. Online Publications Towards Cybersociety and "Vireal" Social Relations.
    CCSR. Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility Addressing the social and ethical impacts of information and communication technologies through research, consultancy and education.
    Forum per la Tecnologia della Informazione Associazione senza scopo di lucro - ONLUS - che opera nel settore dell'informatica, delle telecomunicazioni, della multimedialità.
    Ponencias del VIII Congreso ALAIC 2006

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    Directory of Open Access Journals
    Razón y palabra
    Canadian Journal of Communication
    International Journal of Communication
    Academic Journals in Latin America
    Sage Publications
    Journal of CMC
    The Johns Hopkins
    Journal of Audience Research
    Media and Culture Journal
    Communication Arena
    Digital Humanities Quarterly (DHQ) DHQ is a peer-reviewed journal, freely distributed on line. It aims to cover all aspects of digital media in the humanities, and to provide a venue in which to explore their interconnections. In addition to peer-reviewed journal articles, it will include ... (tags: journals resources)
    Contratexto Digital. Revista digital de la Facultad de Comunicación de la Universidad de Lima (Perú)
    dLIST Digital Library of Information Science & Technology
    Hampton Press
    Free-to-Access Online Communications Studies Journals Listed by Institute of Communications Studies, University of Leeds
    Cambridge Journals Online

    Le Monde diplomatique

    Learning communities

    OER Community Wiki. Wiki of the UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning's Community of Interest on Open Educational Resources: open content for higher education
    Cibercultura Wiki: N Motivos para hablar de Cibercultura. Jaime Alejandro Rodríguez Ruiz.
    "Sólo así: con la reflexión, la investigación y el diálogo, podremos ir preparándonos para comprender y actuar en un ambiente y una época que nos está exigiendo cambios mentales y culturales radicales.
    Propongo dos maneras de colaborar:
    • Ampliar las preguntas/respuestas en cada capítulo, siguiendo la lógica de desarrollo propuesta inicialmente: una supuesta entrevista o
    • Ampliar los temas (capítulos), siguiendo igualmente la lógica de la entrevista (preguntas/respuestas)
    Propongo igualmente que una vez realizado el aporte, los colaboradores se agreguen a la lista de autores, indicando su página personal y otros datos que deseen."
    Open Source Dissertation? Douglas Rushkoff
    (...)"the dissertation (tentatively entitled "New Media, New Literacies"), will look at the core issues behind what I've been studying and writing about for the past ten years. Basically, it's about the way new media (from text to computers) change our fundamental relationship to the human story.
    The recent hubub about Wikipedia makes my thesis - that our current media are more biased towards collaboration than sole authorship - all the more relevant. I'm also trying to prove that the biases of our collaborative media extend to everything else we do, as well, from the creation of value to the creation of currency. That's why I'm wondering if there's a way to turn the dissertation, itself, into something of a collaborative project. A Wiki, if you will, where I take input from everyone who is interested, and offer full credit as well as whatever the "gift economy" we're in allows." (...)
    EIFE European Institute for E-Learning
    Association of Internet Researchers' Wiki
    MediaCommons new kind of media studies press for the digital age -- a network in which academics, students, and other interested members of the public can forge critical pathways through a mediated world and publish dynamically in a mediated environment.
    Participatory Media Literacy Howard Rheingold. The Participatory Media Learning Program is about mastering the new literacies by understanding their significance as well as by learning their use through direct practice.


    GPC Centro de Estudos e Pesquisa em Cibercultura - Ciberpesquisa da UFBA
    Ecrea European Communication Research and Education Association
    RSAP Research Society for American Periodicals
    National Coalition of Independent Scholars
    CCCS Centre for Critical & Cultural Studies
    ARC Cultural Research Network
    ALAIC Asociación Latinoamericana de Investigadores de la Comunicación.
    Berkman Center at Harvard Law School research program founded to explore cyberspace
    Virtual Knowledge Studio
    nmc | the new media consortium international 501(c)3 not-for-profit consortium of nearly 250 learning-focused organizations dedicated to the exploration and use of new media and new technologies.
    ICA Internacional Communication Association

    Media Research

    Center for Media Desing Ball State University
    Online Publishers Association (USA) and OPA Europe (Media Researching)


    Curso de Formación en Evaluación y Acreditación de la Educación Superior en América Latina UNESCO - IESALC
    Giving Knowledge for Free. The Emergence of Open Educational Resources 2007. (pdf, ebook) Learning resources are often considered key intellectual property in a competitive higher education world. However, more and more institutions and individuals are sharing their digital learning resources over the Internet, openly and for free, as Open Educational Resources (OER). This study, building on previous OECD work on e-learning, asks why this is happening, who is involved and what the most important implications of this development are.


    Carnet de Notes Idéias, aforismos, projetos, notas sobre a cibercultura, links, fotos e muito mais. (André Lemos. UFBA, Salvador, Brasil)
    e-cuaderno Pistas, noticias y enlaces sobre Cibercultura, Medios, eComunicación y Blogging por J. L Orihuela y sus invitados.
    Jornalismo e Comunicação Weblogue colectivo do projecto Mediascópio - CECS / Universidade do Minho (Portugal)
    Rebuilding Media The fate of media (Blog of Corante)
    The future of the book if:book a project of the Institute for the Future of the Book.
    Henry Jenkins
    La Coctelera Red de investigación ALAIC (Asociación Latinoamericana de Investigadores de la Comunicación)
    ICTlogy Ismael Peña (UOC)
    José Carlos Abrantes


    Revista Cistercium
    Reading Online - New Literacies: Toward a Theory of New Literacies Toward a Theory of New Literacies Emerging From the Internet and Other Information and Communication Technologies (article) ... (tags: academic Reading)
    Reading on the Internet: The Link Between Literacy and Technology Online version of Lori Norton-Meier's Media Literacy department published in the September 2003 issue of the International Reading Association's Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy.(article) ... (tags: Reading academic)
    Lecture des adolescents : le livre a encore de beaux jours à vivre. Michèle Petit. (...)le livre fournit à chacun la conscience qu' il existe un ailleurs et qu' 'il permet de sortir et de prendre part à autre chose. La lecture procure un refuge, un univers qui n' appartient qu' à soi. Paradoxalement, c' est souvent dans un espace loi ... (tags: Reading readers youth)
    Escritório do Libro
    HERMENEIA. Sala de lectura. Nuevas formas de textualidad electrónica.
    La virtualisation du texte. Pierre Lévy La lecture, ou l'actualisation du texte L'écriture, ou la virtualisation de la mémoire La numérisation, ou la potentialisation du texte L'hypertexte : virtualisation du texte et virtualisation de la lecture Le cybere ... (tags: readers internet Reading cyberculture)
    José Afonso Furtado, O Papel e o Pixel (2003)

    José Afonso Furtado from Rogério Santos on Vimeo.
    BBC - Radio 4 In Our Time - Seventeenth Century Print CultureKevin Sharpe, Professor of Renaissance Studies at Queen Mary, University of London - Ann Hughes, Professor of Early Modern History at the University of Keele Joad Raymond, Professor of English Literature at the University of East Anglia Ann Hughes, Pr ... (tags: BBC readers history print Reading)
    Textual Practitioners A comparison of hypertext theory and phenomenology of reading. Annamaria Carusi. Oxford University Computing Laboratory, UK Arts and Humanities in Higher Education, Vol. 5, No. 2, 163-180 (2006) SAGE Publications
    DOI: 10.1177/1474022206063652
    Shakespeare in the Bush - Bohannon, Laura (1971), from Conformity and Conflict: Readings in Cultural Anthropology, eds. James P. Spradley and David W. McCurdy Boston: Little Brown and Company. (Laura Bohannan, "Shakespeare in the Bush", Natural History 75 (1966), 28-33

    Ethnicity and Cultural Difference: Some thematic and political issues on global audience research. Ramaswami Harindranath
    Harindranath, Ramaswami: 'Ethnicity and Cultural Difference: Some thematic and political issues on global audience research' Particip@tions Volume 2, Issue 2 (December 2005) ... (tags: audiences reception research qualitative academic)
    Investigación cualitativa: Ejemplos de varias naciones, disciplinas, métodos y ejemplos empíricos FQS 1(1) Investigación cualitativa Editado por Katja Mruck, Jarg Bergold, Franz Breuer & Heiner Legewie ... (tags: qualitative academic)
    Resources for Qualitative Research (tags: research resources)

    History of Mass Media (bookmark from AEJMC)

    New York World being delivered
    History of Hearst Corp.
    Media History in University of Minessota
    Future of mass media
    Internet history
    CERN celebrates 20 years of the Web (video, 2009)
    The first 75 years of television history
    History of business reporting
    Telegraph history
    Brief History of Newspapers (WAN)

    CiteULike: A free online service to organise your academic papers
    Windows Live Academic

    News and figures
    35 % des internautes se contentent de Google News sans aller voir plus loin sur les sites d'information Libération : La presse envoie sa facture à Google ... (tags: audiences Reading internet media newspapers journalism)
    State of the Blogosphere. "On average, a new weblog is created every second of every day" Sifry's Alerts: February 2006 Part 1: On Blogosphere Growth (Technorati's Report) ... (tags: blogging users internet technology)
    BBC NEWS | Technology | New era heralded for mobile TV (tags: TV mobile)

    Bridge Ratings. The Future of Podcasting. 5 millon podcast users in 2005 (at Dircom Digital) Summary: average user: 6 downloads/month; average user spends 4 hours/month; more than 20% currently listen on MP3; 63 million user projected to 2010. ... (tags: predictions users podcasting)

    Mobile News and insight in the new world of TV and video on mobile phones. Launched at IBC in Amsterdam September 2005
    International Seminar "Cultural Studies Today: Problems and Perspectives”. December 2005. Book of abstracts ... (tags: cultural-studies)
    Mobile TV gets on a roll | CNET"The one message that came out loud and clear from our market research was that people who like TV like the idea of mobile TV," said Jeffrey Lorbeck, senior vice president at MediaFlow, the Qualcomm subsidiary that is deploying the company's high-speed wi ... (tags: TV mobile)
    Big film festival focuses on small screen | CNET"New mobile technologies like the video iPod and cell phones with video capability have already created demand for bite-size content. But many wonder whether such devices will become conventional outlets for film distribution, and whether consumers will w ... (tags: mobile phone technology video)
    The impact of the mobile telephone in AustraliaDiscusion Paper- Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia 2004 - (Virginia Nightingale) ... (tags: mobile phone research) is the Technology Portal for the Latest Chinese News, Information, and Commentary on Internet, Computers, Science, Electronics, Law, Security, Software, Telecom, and Wireless IndustriesJanuary 11, 2006 The Shenzhen Mobile Phone Paper, China's first registered mobile newspaper which has been jointly launched by the Shenzhen Press Group and China Mobile Shenzhen, has formally launched its beta test. ... (tags: journalism mobile newspapers phone)

    The Korea Times : Media Changes News Consumption CultureThe new media, including satellite digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB), mobile Internet service and portable multimedia players (PMP), are now destroying longstanding barriers with the old paper-based media and reshaping traditional news consumption. ... (tags: readers newspapers technology journalism media mobile)

    Voice of the Shuttle
    Cultural Studies Central by Robin MarkowitzCultural Studies Resources ... (tags: theory resources)
    The Cyberspace, Hypertext, and Critical Theory WebThe Cyberspace and Critical Theory Overview. ... (tags: theory cyberculture resources text)


    World Information Society Report ITU (August, 2006) .
    From Development
    • Korea and Japan continue to lead in digital opportunity, due to their pioneering take-up of broadband and 3G mobile services. Nearly all Internet subscribers in the Republic of Korea are broadband subscribers, whilst Japan is the only market where Internet subscribers are most likely to access Internet over their mobile.
    • Dramatic progress has been achieved by developing countries, however, which made the greatest progress in digital opportunity - notably India, where digital opportunity nearly doubled between 2001 and 2005, and China, which experienced remarkably strong gains in infrastructure.
    • Different countries are following their own paths in telecommunication development, with some countries leveraging their investments in infrastructure more successfully than others.
    • The report tracks the changing dynamics driving the Information Society worldwide, with a new tool—the Digital Opportunity Index (DOI)—that evaluates the opportunity, infrastructure and utilization of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for 180 economies worldwide. The Index monitors the mobile communications that promise to bridge the digital divide in many parts of the world, as well as more recent technologies such as broadband and mobile Internet access.
    • The price of broadband continues to fall worldwide, by as much as twenty per cent a year over the last two years according to ITU’s analysis, while broadband speeds continue to increase. These trends are not restricted to developed countries, however, with broadband now commercially available in 166 countries worldwide".

    Engaging the Ad-Supported Media (Summary) Middletown Media Studies. January 2006. Sumary of the full report. "Multitasking varies depending upon the medium and explores how attention is allocated between media." ... (tags: research resources reception media)
    Engaging the Ad-supported Media. Middletown Media Studies. January 2006. "This report focuses on contextual elements of engagement for the major ad-supported media (magazines, newspapers, television, radio and web)"
    WAN - Reality Check: Facts About Newspapers and Their Economic Viability"The President of WAN, Gavin O'Reilly, demonstrated that print media continues to be successful in both readership and revenue terms and that "reading is still a vital ingredient in the human experience." ... (tags: newspapers readers print journalism media Reading audiences)
    Pew Internet & American Life Project Report: The Strength of Internet TiesThe Strength of Internet Ties: "The internet and email expand and strengthen the social ties that people maintain in the offline world, according to a new report released by the Pew Internet & American Life Project." ... (tags: internet research communities)
    The Digital Music Report 2006"The mobile phone became a portable music device in 2005, the first year in which song downloads to mobile phones spread internationally. Mobile music now accounts for approximately 40% of record company digital revenues. Record companies are seeing sharp ... (tags: mobile music phone)
    Pew Internet & American Life Project Report: Women and Men OnlineMen like the internet for the experiences it offers, while women like it for the human connections it promotes. (USA) ... (tags: internet gender users research)
    Uso y Perfil de Usuarios de Internet en España (mayo 2006) informe “Uso y Perfil de Usuarios de Internet en España” del Observatorio de las Telecomunicaciones y de la Sociedad de la Información de, empresa del Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio.

    TV Digital La UE y su política de TV Digital a la luz de la estrategia de Lisboa. María Trinidad García Leiva PDF. Doctorando en Comunicación Audiovisual y Publicidad, Universidad Complutense de Madrid ...
    UE presenta su estándar de TV Digital (Digital Video Broadcasting) en MercosurLa noticia escrita por Europapress ... (tags: TV policies technology)
    UE presenta su estándar de TV Digital en Argentina (Digital Video Broadcasting)Canal-ar tiuló La UE quiere imponer su estándar de TV digital en Argentina; Europa Press tituló: UE.- Bruselas impulsa en Latinoamérica la televisión digital terrestre ... (tags: technology TV policies)
    Booz Allen Hamilton. "The Future Role of Cable in Shaping the Digital Home in Europe."The market for 'digital home' services (TV, broadband internet and telephony) in Europe is set to take off in 2006, according to a study by Booz Allen Hamilton tiled, "The Future Role of Cable in Shaping the Digital Home in Europe." ... (tags: TV technology predictions policies)
    Clarín. Misión europea para difundir la inclusión tecnológica (Argentina y Brasil)Entre los principales temas figuran la investigación tecnológica y la financiación europea de proyectos brasileños y argentinos dedicados a la convergencia entre radiodifusión y telefonía móvil, la tecnología de acceso por satélite y la implantac ... (tags: TV policies technology)
    "TV Digital: princípios e propostas para uma transição baseada no interesse público" (Brasil)Uma contribuição do Intervozes – Coletivo Brasil de Comunicação Social ao debate sobre o modelo de TV digital a ser adotado no Brasil. ... (tags: TV policies media)


    CCSD @rchiveSIC: Publier et diffuser sa thèse électronique sur InternetConseils aux doctorants accueillis par le Cirad Marie-Claude Deboin. Cette synthèse présente le dispositif de diffusion en France des thèses par voie électronique aménagé en 2005 par le Ministère de l'éducation nationale ... (tags: publishing internet thesis)
    Pluck: social media solutions for online publishers. (BlogBurst)

    Las licencias Creative Commons ¿una alternativa al copyright? Raquel Xalabarder Plantada

    Just Media

    "Producers, Publics, and Podcasts: Where Does Television Happen?" by Derek Kompare. Flow.An investigation of the tangled creative relationship between fans and the television industry in the age of the internet. ... (tags: research podcasting TV audiences)

    "Public Radio Redux" by Tom McCourt (Flow 3, Issue 10)"Despite the availability of public radio in new forms, and the changing focus of programming, radio's primary strength remains its status as the most local of media." The audience research gurus who essentially set NPR and station policies throughout t ... (tags: radio podcasting media)

    Media Resources - I Want MediaFacts, figures and support ... (tags: journalism resources)

    LIMC .:. Laboratório de Interação Mediada por Computador Podcast Sala de Bate-Papo e Blog da UFRGS ... (tags: podcasting resources cyberculture

    Entrevista a Bruno Patiño: “A imprensa escrita deve se reinventar” Observatório da ImprensaBruno Patiño diretor da revista Télérama, do grupo Le Monde, presidente do Monde interactif, o site do Le Monde (Une Presse Sans Gutenberg, de Jean-François Fo, Editions Grasset & Fasquelle, Paris, 2005) ... (tags: journalism internet)


    BBC NEWS | Technology | Podcasts spread their wings Radios and newspapers podcasts' ... (tags: technology podcasting newspapers internet)


    COST A20 - Home PageThe Impact of Internet On The Mass Media in Europe ... (tags: newspapers media internet research)

    Children, Mobile Phones and the Internet Experts' MeetingProgramme for the Children, Mobile Phones and the Internet Experts' Meeting at the Mitsubishi Research Institute, Tokyo, March 2003 (Nightingale, Silverstone...) ... (tags: mobile phone youth conference)?91??92?MocoNews. My Inevitable Predictions For 2006 by JamesI certainly agree with this one: "As the news that mobile telephones are becoming increasingly common in developing nations, far more common than computers, efforts to connect populations to the internet will switch from computers to mobile handsets. Ther ... (tags: mobile technology predictions)

    BBC NEWS | Health | Violent games 'affect behaviour'BBC coberture includes others point of view in its coberture. ... (tags: youth users research games technology)

    Observa -Videojuegos violentos hacen que las personas se vuelvan agresivas: de un estudio de la revista "Journal of Experimental Social Psycology" (EFE-Observa)¿Qué tipo de contenido científico (artículos, estudios, etc) se difunde a través de los medios masivos locales? ¿A qué estudios, resultados, se les da "prensa"? ... (tags: youth users research)

    Google entering video-on-demand business | CNET"At consumers will pay $1.99 to download and view, for an unlimited time, episodes from last season's "Survivor" series, as well as episodes of 300 older TV programs. (...) Also for $1.99, people will be able to rent, for 24 hours, recent ... (tags: technology video-on-demand Google)

    New networks for mobile TV | CNET"They're attempting to build the heavy-duty network that can make mobile TV work. They're working on networks designed for "multicast" transmission, which means they transmit signals once to many devices. This is exactly how traditional broadcast televisi ... (tags: mobile TV technology)

    CNET's Wireless resource center: Your guide to cutting the cords on computing - CNET.comBluetooth, 3G cellular, Wi-Fi, Future of wireless ... (tags: mobile technology)

    Yahoo goes mobile | CNET"Yahoo's e-mail, instant messaging, photo and other services are now available on mobile phones and PC-connected TVs, as well as on personal computers without using a browser." ... (tags: mobile internet technology)

    2006 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES)Official Web Site of the Event ... (tags: technology ces conference)

    Bill Gates' Web Site - Speech Transcript, 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES)Keynote Remarks by Bill Gates, Chairman and Chief Software Architect, Microsoft Corporation 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show Las Vegas, Nevada January 4, 2006 ... (tags: technology CES)?203??204?RCCS: Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies"The Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies is an online, not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to research, teach, support, and create diverse and dynamic elements of cyberculture" ... (tags: cyberculture research resources)

    Online version of Howard Rheingold's The Virtual Community(tags: cyberculture communities technology)

    Gunther Kress, Literacy in the New Media Age (Routledge, 2003) Reviewed by: Karim A. RemtullaGunther Kress ... (tags: media semiotics cyberculture)

    A system to make Jove proud | Economist.comEurope has launched the first of the satellites of its Galileo navigation system. ... (tags: technology mobile)

    Flusserstudies.netInternational open access e-journal for academic research dedicated to the thought of Vilém Flusser (1920-1991). ... (tags: flusser media theory)

    Un nuevo periodismo. Juan Gallo. LANACION.comEl periodismo digital, on line o ciberperiodismo acaba de cumplir diez años en la Argentina; se trata de una profesión que enfrenta enormes desafíos frente al surgimiento de un nuevo lenguaje que habrá que aprender a leer y escribir. Juan Gallo es Pro ... (tags: internet newspapers journalism cyberculture)

    Toward a Theory of New Literacies Emerging From the Internet and Other Information and Communication TechnologiesReading Online ... (tags: readers Reading)

    One Billion Internet Users (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox)"In 2002, NUA estimated that we had 605 million Internet users. Since then, Internet use has grown by 18% per year -- certainly not as fast as the 1990s, but still respectable." ... (tags: internet users)

    The New Serendipity. Peter M. Zollman. E-Media TidbitsThe reading "serendipity factor&qrendipity factor would be lost with the Web. But the opposite is true. It's even greater. Especially if I just allow myself a few minutes every day to look around." ... (tags: internet newspapers readers Reading cyberculture)

    Internet perfila el futuro modelo de negocio de los periódicos. Análisis Mediabriefing.comLa discusión del modelo de negocios... ... (tags: newspapers media internet)

    This text will self-destruct in 40 seconds | CNET News.comDe la inmovilidad del texto impreso a la fugacidad del texto digital, ahora el texto efímero: un camino de regreso a la oralidad, el texto efímero tiene una temporalidad similar a la de la palabra hablada ... (tags: readers text Reading time-related)?201??202?Articles related to Reader-Oriented Studies at the MCSSDirectory : Active Interpretation : Reader-Oriented Studies ... (tags: readers reception Reading)

    El periodista Alex Grijelmo asegura que la lectura es la base de todo | 2005-12-04 | La Crónica de Hoy