Copyright and Fair Use- University of Standford
MIT OpenCourseWare. Introduction to Copyright Law, January (IAP) 2006
Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Video A Future of Public Media Project, funded by the Ford Foundation (July, 2008)

TED Talks Larry Lessig: How creativity is being strangled by the law

Colbert Report - Andrew Keen

What is Creative Commons about at Robin Good's News (November 24, 2006)
"Creative Commons licensing allows anyone to facilitate easier re-distribution and re-use of your creative work, without forcing you to give up your ownership rights to it. The strength of this approach is that it allows even those that are still unknown and having no access to mainstream media distribution channels to let their work be taken up and exposed by others based on its own merits and not only on those of the financial revenue that this will bring. A tremendous victory for human culture and the opportunity it gives to us to know, learn and collaborate with each other."

Video selection of Lessig presentations by Robin Goods (December 14, 2006)

Wanna Work Together? (Lessig)

Required Reading: the next 10 years. Lessig Blog. (June, 19, 2007)
"I'm convinced we will not solve the IP related issues until these "corruption" related issues are resolved. So I hope at least some of you will follow to this new set of questions," says Lessig.


Letter from Documentary Canadian Filmmakers to Canadian government that is currently considering amendments to the Copyright Act. (December, 5, 2006) DOC
"Canadian documentary filmmakers are increasingly dissatisfied with copyright law. An internal DOC survey, titled Censorship by Copyright (a copy of which we enclose), suggests that 85% of Canadian documentary filmmakers find copyright laws more
harmful to them than beneficial. The same survey noted that 82% of documentary filmmakers feel that copyright laws actually discourage them from making documentary films rather than encouraging them.
In our view, copyright is not functioning properly. It is not facilitating the operation of the market for documentary films. Instead, it is killing that market."


Copyright Explained: I May Copy It, Right? SmashingMagazine (July, 2007)

Sobre propiedad intelectual en la Guía del Mundo

Perpetual copyright and against perpetual copyright

MySpace sued by Universal Music BBC News (Nov, 17, 2006)
Universal Music Group is suing MySpace - claiming the online social network site is encouraging its users to illegally share music and music videos.

Apple wins over EMI on downloads theglobeandmail (April, 2, 2007)
Strikes deal to sell label's music without protective software — but still no Beatles

Week in review: Rights and wrongs on copyright. By Steven Musil. (Aug, 3, 2007)

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