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    (Clarín, February, 2, 2008)
    Inversiones en Argentina: Invertirán en celulares $ 2.587 millones este año para ampliar redes y servicios de internet móvil

    (January, 25, 2008)
    Ancel (Antel) and Nokia launched the First Digital TV service for mobile phones in Latin America **http://tiny.cc/U9jJ3** (in Spanish)
    Ancel, the state telecom mobile operator, and Nokia have launched a pilot Digital TV service (DVB-H) for mobile phones in Uruguay today, 25th January 2008, in Punta del Este, Uruguay. It is the first service of its kind that is offered in Latin America.

    (November, 5, 2007)
    Google reveals mobile plans (Guardian Unlimited) The company is introducing a new mobile system called Android, which it hopes will bring internet access to the masses – and help it sell more advertising.
    Google Enters the Wireless World (NYT) Google took its long-awaited plunge into the wireless world today, announcing that it is leading a broad industry alliance to transform mobile phones into powerful mobile computers that could accelerate the convergence of computing and communications.
    Monday, 5 November 2007,
    Google pushes into mobile phones (BBC) has unveiled software it hopes will power a variety of future mobile phones and boost the web on the move.

    Chilenos señalan que el teléfono celular les cambió la vida (Mundo en línea 19/10/2007) "Nueve de cada 10 chilenos cuenta con un aparato móvil en un mercado en el que participan Movistar, de la española Telefónica, Entel PCS y Claro, de la mexicana América Móvil."

    Skype, U.K.'s 3 working on mobile Internet phone (Reuters by News.com, October 12, 2007)"eBay's Skype is working with British cell phone service operator 3 to produce a handset that will allow users in Britain to make free calls on the Internet".

    Why India's Internet connections are falling (Business Week, October, 8, 2007) " Indians are among the world’s leaders in terms of using their cell phones to access the Net. But India doesn’t have 3G yet"

    Telefónica y Yahoo! se alian en servicios de internet y móvil (Octubre 2, 2007) Secados.es. Telefónica usará oneSearch, el buscador móvil de Yahoo!, como el principal motor de búsqueda de los teléfonos móviles que da cobertura (15 países de Europa y Latinoamérica). Con oneSearch, los usuarios podrán acceder a noticias, imágenes web, correo electrónico o a la web Flickr.

    Nueve de cada diez hogares chilenos tiene un teléfono móvil .03.10.2007 Mouse.cl (EFE)
    La telefonía celular creció un 88,7 por ciento en los hogares chilenos en los últimos doce meses, lo que significa que de diez familias nueve tienen un celular, según un estudio de la Universidad de Chile difundido por la Subsecretaria de Telecomunicaciones.

    From ITU. September, 4, 2007
    Growth in the ICT sector has been nothing short of buoyant in the past year. By the end of 2006, there were a total of nearly 4 billion mobile and fixed line subscribers and over 1 billion Internet users worldwide. This included 1.27 billion fixed line subscribers and 2.68 billion mobile subscribers.
    • Some 61 per cent of the world’s mobile subscribers are in developing countries, fuelled by countries like Brazil, China, India and Russia.
    • Mobile penetration rates in developing countries, excluding the least developed countries (LDCs), grew from 26 per cent in 2005 to nearly 34 per cent in 2006.
    • While there is still considerable potential for Internet growth in developing countries, where the average level of Internet usage in 2006 was only 10 per cent, an increasing number of developing and emerging countries have joined the ranks of the list of top broadband subscribers (ranked by total number of subscribers rather than penetration rates), including Argentina, Brazil, India, Mexico, Poland, Russia and Turkey.
    • But the least developed countries still lag behind. Only 22 out of 50 LDCs offered broadband service in 2006, and users in these countries often pay extortionate rates for relatively low-speed broadband.

    Social Media Bits: Nokia; SFR; O2; Community Connect By Ingrid Lunden - Fri 10 Aug 200 MocoNews.net
    Several launches to note in the mobile social networking world

    Google bets on mobile market. By Marguerite Reardon. Cnet July, 31, 2007.

    Sprint, Google in pact for WiMax mobile Web By Reuters July 26, 2007. "Sprint Nextel said on Thursday it would develop with Google a new mobile Internet portal using WiMax wireless technology to offer Web search and social networking."

    IBOPE Mídia divulga 1ª Pesquisa Nacional de Telecomunicações 17/7/2007. "Independente de classe social, um quarto dos domicílios brasileiros têm pelo menos duas linhas de telefone móvel, sendo que o sistema pré-pago é o mais comum entre os jovens. Dentre os recursos disponíveis no aparelho celular, o mais utilizado é o de envio e recebimento de mensagens de texto (SMS)."

    Google On Wireless Auctions and Spectrum Use: Worth Reading at John Battelle's Searchblog July, 10. 2007. "In short, Google claims that it's most likely that the incumbent telcos and cable companies will win the auction, simply to insure they don't have any competition."

    Buongiorno to acquire 100% of iTouch for Euro 141 millio (July, 3. 2007. Mobile Europe) Buongiorno, a multinational operating in the digital entertainment market, has signed a definitive agreement to acquire 100% of the share capital of iTouch Ventures Limited. iTouch is a specialist in the distribution of mobile entertainment products and services. iTouch has offices in 13 countries and distributes its content in 23 countries, having access to over 500 million mobile users through a flexible multi-channel strategy.

    Google acquired GrandCentral Communication (July, 2. 2007 Google Blog) "GrandCentral is an innovative service that lets users integrate all of their existing phone numbers and voice mailboxes into one account, which can be accessed from the web"

    David Pogue iPhone review (from New York Times). by first iPhone reviews at mtrends.org

    Private-equity firm buys into Palm (June, 4. 2007) "Palm is selling a 25 percent stake to private-equity firm Elevation Partners for $325 million and is bringing in Jon Rubinstein, who formerly ran the iPod division at Apple, as executive chairman of the board."
    Palm: The new comeback kid?

    It's Silicon Valley vs. Telcos in Battle for Wireless Spectrum. Wired. May 16, 2007.
    "By the end of this year, the FCC is expected to start auctioning a frequency band that could be used for a wireless network that any device -- be it a cell phone, laptop, desktop, TV or toaster -- would be able to connect to." (...) "The spectrum that's coming up for grabs is prime stuff: A large, low-frequency band that's currently being used by UHF television stations, which have been ordered to vacate it when broadcasting goes digital in February 2009."

    Cellphones Tailored for Any Organization. New York Times. May 7, 2007
    "A start-up company is trying to apply the concept of affinity groups to the cellphone market, as banks have long done with credit cards."

    Telefónica controlará Telecom Italia y afianza su dominio en América Latina Noticiasdot.com 30, Abril, 2007.

    Argentina: Los celulares impulsaron la suba del consumo La Voz.com.ar Abril, 30. 2007 Informe Indec (pdf)

    Ecuador: El número de usuarios de celulares va en alza. Marzo 25, 2007 El Universo
    "El número total de usuarios llegó a los 8. 705.842 en febrero pasado, según datos oficiales. De las tres operadoras que brindan el servicio en el país, Porta, empresa de América Móvil, registra el mayor número de abonados: 5’852.897. Con ello, esta empresa tiene la mayor participación del mercado seguido de Movistar y Alegro."

    Penetración (Febrero 2007) 64% de la población.

    Información de la Superintendencia de Telecomunicaciones (Ecuador)
    Telefonía Móvil a febrero 2007
    Total de usuarios:
    • CONECEL (Porta): 5.852.897
    • OTECEL (Movistar): 2.471.309
    • TELECSA (Alegro): 381.636

    Población de Ecuador: 13,567,979

    Telmex lanza primera red inalámbrica WiMax en Chile Noticiasdot.com Marzo, 21, 2007.

    El 90% de los chilenos tendrá teléfono móvil este año publicado en La Flecha. Marzo, 22. 2007
    Chile registra un aumento sostenido desde 2000 y actualmente supera los 12 millones de abonados, equivalentes a una penetración de 83,01%, según datos de la Subsecretaria de Telecomunicaciones (Subtel).

    Worldwide SMS revenues to hit $67bn. Portio Research on Mobile Messaggin Futures 2007-2012 (Feb, 2007) SMS continues to be a phenomenal success as the cheapest, quickest and easiest to use form of peer-to-peer mobile communication. by Moconews.net

    Mobile phones to fuel Internet growth, Google web evangelist (Vinton Cerf), says AFP at Yahoo Feb, 20, 2007.

    El TVfonino: la TV digital móvil llega a Italia. carlos scolari en Digitalismo Feb, 20, 2007 (sobre 3 Italia)

    Los móviles se quedarán fuera del aula La Razón.es Feb, 16. 2007. En Madrid se prohibirá a los alumnos acudir a clase con teléfonos móviles, Mp3 y videoconsolas

    Chinese mobile users are expected to reach above 520 million at the end of 2007 predicted the Ministry of Information Industry (MII). (Xinhua) 15, Feb, 2007. The number of cell phone users reached 460 million at the end of 2006, 67.677 million more than the end of the previous year. On the average, every 100 Chinese people have 35.3 cell phones.

    Stockholm restricts use of mobile phones in public transport Feb, 16, 2007 HELSINGIN SANOMAT

    GSM Association Press Releases 2007
    PR de Telefónica acerca de las aplicaciones móviles (pdf) que presentó en 3GSM World Congress 2007 Barcelona
    Crónica del 3GSM 2007 en Barcelona (1ra parte). by Hugo Pardo en Digitalismo
    30 things we learned at 3GSM 2007 Posted by KatherineHannaford on February 16, 2007 at shinyshiny

    Mobile phones to send money home. BBC News. 12 February 2007, 13:37
    Mobile phone operators and banks are backing a scheme to allow those who work abroad to use their phones to send money home. The pilot programme, announced by mobile operator trade body the GSM Association.

    India Calling. Vodafone, the world’s biggest wireless operator, takes over a leading Indian mobile-phone company. Feb 12th 2007 From Economist.com.
    India’s mobile telecoms market is booming. The country now boasts 140m subscribers and the market is growing by around 55% a year,

    YouTube coming soon to Vodafone in U.K. CNET By Tim Ferguson Feb 09, 2007.
    YouTube Mobile users will be able to view a selection of videos that is updated daily, forward their favorite links to friends, and upload their own videos directly from their phones.

    CBS expands mobile-content offerings CNET News.com By Caroline McCarthy February 8, 2007,
    Launch includes a mobile store with multimedia content, a breaking-news portal and a site with fantasy sports features.

    Murdoch: MySpace, Mobile To Spur News Corp. Growth OnlineMedia Daily by Mark Walsh, Friday, Feb 9, 2007
    "Looking ahead, Murdoch was especially optimistic about the company's push into the mobile arena. "The telephone is the next great entertainment platform that is coming," he said. "All the telephone companies are looking for content to sell because they see the price of voice is going down and down, and we think that there's a huge opportunity for us."

    Vodafone in deal to access MySpace via mobiles at CNET by Reuters. Wed Feb 07
    British mobile phone company Vodafone Group unveiled a deal with News Corp.'s MySpace on Wednesday that will allow its customers to access the popular Web-based social network using cell phones.

    Ericsson, Turner Broadcasting team up on mobile content CNET News.com February 5, 2007, 12:52 PM PST
    Turner Broadcasting is teaming up with Swedish mobile network equipment maker Ericsson to make its news and programming available on mobile phones, the companies said Monday.

    Finally, Apple answers call for iPhone CNET News.com January 9, 2007
    The Mac OS X-based iPhone is most akin to an iPod in design, but allows users to listen to music, make phone calls, send text messages and e-mail, surf the Web, and take and upload photos, all using a wide touch screen and a single button.

    Mamá, llámame al móvil Uno de cada dos niños españoles entre 8 y 13 años tiene un teléfono móvil. Los operadores ven el público infantil su último gran nicho por explotar. El Pais.es 27/12/2006

    Verizon to Allow Ads on Its Mobile Phones By Matt Ritchel. December 26, 2006. New York Times

    Wireless: Can mobile phones give you 'presence'? International Herald Tribune (Dec, 17, 2006)
    Location-announcing services: Jaiku is just one of several companies now offering mobile phone services based around the location of friends and family.

    Yahoo UK Closes Mobile Division; Focus On Yahoo Go Mobile And Search mocoNews.net (December, 10, 2006) by Rafat Ali
    Yahoo! closes London mobile div in push for Go (TechCrunch Mike Butcher)
    Yahoo To Close Down Ringtones Download Service mocoNews.net (November, 27, 2006) by Rafat Ali

    "As an industry sector, messaging on mobile phone industry generating around USD 80 billion annually in revenue. Interestingly, it has also taken off faster in some developing countries, like China or the Philippines, than in many developed countries (figure 1.1 and box 3.2)." Pag 20 digital.life ITU Internet Report 2006
    Endnote 5 on page 25: "There are many different and wildly varying estimates of the size of the global market for SMS and MMS traffic. For instance, Portia Research estimate the global market for mobile messaging to have been worth USD 55bn in 2005 (see www.portioresearch.com/Mob_Mess_Fut_brochure.pdf). IMImobile estimates that 92 billion SMS/MMS were
    generated each month in 2005 (see www.imimobile.com/whitepapers/MMSC%20Whitepaper.pdf#search=%22sms
    %20market%20size%22). The GSM Association estimates a total of one trillion SMS were sent during 2005 (see www.
    gsmworld.com/services/messaging.shtml). At a conservative estimate of USD 0.08 per message, this generates a total
    market size of USD 80 billion. The global average price for an SMS was around USD 0.12 in 2006.

    Moving towards a Wireless World ITU Telecom World 2006 (4-8 Dec, 2006. Hong Kong)
    Key Wireless Access Technologies: A Snapshot
    Long Range
    IMT-2000 (3G, e.g., W-CDMA, CDMA200 1x, TD-SCDMA), Satellite, WiMax (IEEE 802.16), WiBro
    Medium Range
    RLAN/WLAN (e.g., WiFi or IEEE 802.11), Utrawideband)
    Short Range
    Bluetooth, RFID, Zigbee
    Chart source: ITU Telecom World 2006 Media Kit (5/12/2006)

    The phone of the future Nov 30th 2006 from The Economist
    Mobile telecommunications Dec 4th 2006 From Economist.com

    X-Series mobile Internet service. (UK) Dic, 2006.
    • 3 UK X Series: cheap flat-rate internet access on mobile phones with access to preloaded internet applications: search Yahoo! Make free Skype calls. Or bid on eBay, (get more with X-Series Gold: Pick X-Series Gold and watch what's on your home TV using a Slingbox, or grab files from your home PC with Orb."
    • 3 Launches X-Series PR, London, PRNewswire. December 1 (2006)
    • Is the web going mobile at last? Analysis By Tim Weber Business editor, BBC News website (Nov, 17, 2006)

    Mobile en Brasil. Informe de Anatel Telefonia móvel se aproxima das 97 milhões de habilitações em outubro 2006.
    El mercado de telefonía móvil sigue creciendo en Brasil, aunque más lento que el año pasado

    Yahoo Launches Group Texting Site:Mixd (MocoNews, Nov, 29, 2006) . “Mixd is a new a social-mobile experiment developed by Yahoo’s Advanced Products Group (APG is a small team at Yahoo that develops and incubates innovative new product ideas) and Mobile team with a focus on youth communities. Mixd is a group mobile messaging and media sharing tool for people who want to organize and remember get-togethers...Currently, Yahoo is experimenting with this service idea as a means of gathering feedback to refine and evolve the service before a potential official launch in the future.”

    Yahoo! and Nokia agree to communicate by phone (bigmouthmedia, 29, Nov. 2006) "NovNokia and Yahoo! announced today that they will bring Yahoo!'s Instant Messenger application and its email services to Nokia's most popular models, including the new Nokia 6300, Nokia 5300 XpressMusic and Nokia 5200"

    YouTube to call on your cell phone. YouTube, the popular online video sharing site, said on Wednesday it hopes to launch a service for wireless devices within a year. By Reuters Published: November 1, 2006,(Cnet. News.com)

    SMS will 'drive the mobile Internet' By ICTWorld, 6 October 2006

    Digital Planet Gareth Mitchell (BBC) visits the Mobile Content World Conference and Exhibition to find out what's new for your mobile (podcast and mp3 available) (September, 2006)

    Mobile ESPN to close: ESPN pulls plug on cell operation, seeks to partner with carriers The Boston Globe. By Bruce Meyerson (September 28, 2006)

    [[|France Telecom lanza un teléfono híbrido fijo y móvil]] (Vnunet.es, Setiembre, 26. 2006)
    Con "Unik", el cliente podrá hacer llamadas vía Internet y las zonas cubiertas por el Wi-fi en casa o la oficina, y, en la calle, a través de la red de telefonía móvil de Orange.

    Skype phones sans the PC (Cnet, August, 31.2006)
    "Skype on Thursday announced new cordless phones that will let users of its Internet phone service make calls without a computer or Wi-Fi connection."

    Dinamarca inaugura telefonía IP y celular en un mismo aparato. (Noticiasdot.com, Agosto, 2006)
    "La convergencia digital aumenta en Europa. En Alemania, por ejemplo, hay más celulares que personas."

    El 93% de los jovenes españoles tienen móvil... los padres pagan el gasto (Noticiasdot.com, Agosto, 2006)
    "Una encuesta entre 7.000 usuarios de Habbo Hotel (www.habbo.es), una de las comunidades online para adolescentes más populares y de más rápido crecimiento del mundo, revela que los adolescentes viven pegados a sus teléfonos móviles. El 93% de los encuestados tiene teléfono móvil propio y sólo un 3% carece de este medio de comunicación. (...) Además de servir para realizar llamadas, la mayoría de los adolescentes (59,3%) usa el teléfono móvil para comunicarse mediante SMS, un 13,2% para bajarse tonos, melodías y música. Un 10,3% lo usa para jugar o descargarse juegos y un 9,9% para hacer y mandar vídeos o fotografías. Sólo un 7% lo utiliza exclusivamente para llamar."

    Fasten your seatbelts and no cell phones please (Reuters) By Michael Smith. Aug, 2006.
    Overhead "no smoking" signs will be replaced by "no cell phones" signs on some plan

    News Group appoints its first head of mobile strategy. Online Journalism News. 31 July 2006 By Oliver Luft
    News Group Newspapers (NGN) has appointed its first head of mobile strategy as part of its plan to push its brands across several different platforms.

    On NY City Cellphones' Ban at Schools

    El impacto de la industria móvil en la economía latinoamericana. David Gómez Campal. Telefónica (Julio, 2006)

    Asia chooses SMS over 3G data. Cheaper and easier, say three-quarters of users. vnunet.com 20 Jul 2006
    "The key exceptions to Asia's slow acceptance of mobile data are Japan and Korea, which rolled out their first 2.5G and 3G-equivalent mobile data services almost five years ago."

    China es el país con más teléfonos móviles del mundo: 426 millones. Y cada usuario chino envío durante los primeros seis meses del año unos 470 SMS (en total se enviaron 200.000 millones de SMS) IblNews. Julio, 21. 2006

    Skype intros new Wi-Fi phones. Cnet. July, 20, 2006.
    Internet phone provider Skype is expanding its Wi-Fi calling options with the launch of three new wireless phones that will have the Skype Internet calling software embedded.

    Bruselas propone regular los precios máximos de los mensajes de móvil. CincoDías 29 de junio, 2006.

    The importance of reducing mobile roaming charges for the competitiveness of Europe’s business customers. Brussels, 29 June 2006. Viviane Reding. Member of the European Commission responsible for Information Society. "The Commission could not allow the prices paid for roaming services to remain unjustifiably higher than the charges payable when calling within the users' home country. Therefore we will be coming forward, in July, with a balanced, comprehensive and harmonised proposal which will allow mobile operators to further shape their offers in a competitive manner, while safeguarding that customers will no longer be confronted with exorbitant rates".

    Google News goes mobile in UK, France, Germany and Spain besides USA.Online Journalism News. 27 June 2006 by Oliver Luft

    CDMA cell phones under scrutiny. By Reuters at CNET News.com Published: June 22, 2006.
    Nokia decided to pull out of CDMA. Nokia will concentrate instead on phones for GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) and advanced WCDMA (wideband code division multiple access) mobile networks, used by more than 70 percent of the world's 2 billion cell phone subscribers, a number expected to double in five years, mainly in emerging markets.

    Uno de cada dos brasileños ya tiene teléfono móvil. Brasil terminó mayo pasado con 92,377 millones de teléfonos móviles activados y una densidad de 49,6 aparatos por cada 100 habitantes, según cifras preliminares de la estatal Agencia Nacional de Telecomunicaciones, difundidos hoy. 20/06/2006 | Fuente: AGENCIA EFE (en Digital Telepolis)

    Nokia y Siemens firman una alianza milmillonaria para liderar la convergencia de redes fijas y móviles 19 de junio de 2006. elEconomista.es
    Nokia and Siemens to merge their communications service provider businesses June 19, 2006. Press Release
    Telecomunicaciones: vorágine de fusiones y adquisiciones. elEconomista.es
    Nokia, Siemens announce merger of equipment units. By Reuters at CNet June 19, 2006

    Reuters at News.com Verizon to launch mobile chaperone service. (June 10, 2006)
    Parents can use the service to set up geographic limits and receive text alerts if their children, who also carry phones, go too far from home. The service also lets parents check where their offspring are via a map on their cell phone or computer. Such services are aimed at bringing in revenue from a location technology that U.S. wireless service providers are required by law to put into cell phones so that safety workers can pinpoint the location of 911 emergency service callers.

    Reuters at News.com. World Cup could be a winner for mobile TV "This time around, the bigger test will be in proving television can work on mobiles."

    BBC. World Cup ushers in mobile TV era (June,7,2006)
    "A report by analysts Informa predicts that more than 210 million people will be watching TV on their mobile by 2011. And the World Cup will be a testing ground for TV on mobile phones. As well as clips of matches, so-called "mobisodes" of shows such as Coronation Street and 24 are being prepared for watching on phones."

    CHILE / TELEFONÍA Observa - Destacado incremento de la telefonía celular en Chile Mayo 20, 2006
    El número de teléfonos celulares en Chile totalizó 11,5 millones en el primer trimestre de este año, lo que significa una tasa de penetración del 65 por ciento.

    ABC Digital. La telefonía móvil en el Cono Sur. Mayo, 19. 2006
    La consultora Signals Telecom Consulting realizó un estudio sobre la telefonía móvil en el Cono Sur. El informe indica que en la región hay 14 operadoras. Telefónica Móviles es la más grande. En Paraguay y Uruguay la tasa de penetración de esta tecnología es baja, por lo que se aprecian espacios interesantes para que el negocio continúe creciendo.

    Moco.News. LatAm Mobile Users Up 33%, But No VAS Growth May, 19. 2006.
    "Latin America was the fastest growing region in terms of mobile phone users, growing 33% in 2005 compared to 2004 (Asia Pacific grew 19%, North America grew 15% and Europe grew 9%). However, this growth was in basic mobile services rather than mobile content."

    Google Webcast. May 10, 2006. On Mobile phones finding rather than searching, says Google CEO Eric Schmidt.
    http://www.google.com/press/pressday.html (By the way: Google Reader For Mobile Phones announced on May 18, 2006)

    News.com Google search heads to cell phones in Japan. By Hayashi Sakawa and Kyoko Fujimoto. Published: May 18, 2006, 8:03 AM PDT
    "The tech giant announced on Thursday that it is working with KDDI, the country's second-largest mobile-service provider after NTT DoCoMo, to provide search service for mobile phone users in the Japanese market as of July. KDDI has more than 22 million mobile phone users, less than half of DoCoMo's, but its Au brand service is more popular among young Japanese because of services like music downloads."

    Mobile phones related to prision and violence disturbs on São Paulo (Brazil):
    IDG Now!. Celulares nas prisões. André Caramuru aborda o bloqueio de celulares. 18 de maio de 2006
    "Qual a melhor maneira de bloquear ligações de celulares nas prisões? Resposta simples: impedindo que eles entrem lá."

    Estadao.com.br. Brasil já tem mais de 90 milhões de celulares. 17 de maio de 2006 - 19:04
    Celulares pré-pagos ainda são maioria, com 80,5% do total dos aparelhos

    The New York Times.Nielsen hopes messaging at movies won't offend. By Julie Bosman May, 16, 2006.
    "Starting in July in the United States, the company will begin using cellphone text messages to collect data on consumers' opinions. The initiative will aim first at moviegoers, with cellphone text messages sent during trips to the movies."

    EETimes.com Microsoft researcher honored May, 8, 2006.
    "With nearly 780 million mobile phones expected to be sold this year, and with yearly worldwide demand projected to top 1 billion by 2009, phones are increasingly being used as front-end interfaces to ever-larger external data sets, including Web sites, traffic information and Yellow Pages. Nearly a dozen query-answer systems and Web browser interfaces that target mobile platforms have debuted in the last year.

    While existing solutions cater to small screens and low bandwidth, they are modeled after desktop Web search, posing usability issues for mobiles. As an alternative, Microsoft researchers have developed a keypad-driven, compact query interface for browsing and searching large data sets from a phone. Called FaThumb, it uses a hybrid model based on hierarchical faceted metadata navigation and selection, with incremental text entry to further narrow results.

    In a study, researchers used the Seattle metropolitan-area Yellow Pages' 39,000 or so listings, but the design was intended to generalize to a variety of data sets, including personal contacts like e-mail, Web pages and movie listings. The study confirmed the basic hypothesis: If you know something specific--the target name, let's say--text entry (even on a phone) is faster. If you know only data characteristics, facet navigation is faster. Ultimately, real-world tasks require both techniques."

    Cellularmania. La campagna elettorale con gli SMS April, 9. / Il giornale.it E i risultati arrivano anche sul telefonino April, 10.

    MocoNews MSNBC.com To Launch Ad-Supported Mobile News Service. April, 4, 2006.
    MSNBC.com has launched a beta news service after teaming with Microsoft and Action Engine: MSNBC.com Mobile.

    BBC NEWS The Philippines' mobile politics by Sarah Toms April, 1st, 2006.
    Media enquiries by SMS :-) More than a third of Filipinos have mobile phones, and at least 200 million text messages are sent every day.
    "Texting is so prevalent that even the central bank governor and other senior officials answer media enquiries by tapping out a reply on their mobiles"

    BBC NEWS Mobile phone TV begins in Japan. April, 1st, 2006.
    "Mobile phone users in Japanese cities can now watch digital TV on compatible mobile phones for the first time. The service is not the world's first, but it has the potential to be the biggest, by reaching more subscribers than in any other country. Japan's 90m mobile phone users can already play video games, send emails and check websites on tiny handsets. The new service has been carrying test transmissions for several months and will remain free while mobile operators assess its potential and the number of subscribers.

    El Mundo.es En Dinamarca hay más contratos de telefonía móvil que habitantes 31 de Marzo, 2006. (AFP)
    Dinamarca cuenta con 5,47 millones de abonos de telefonía móvil, lo que se traduce en 100,8 contratos por cada 100 habitantes. En el país hay, además, 61,7 abonados a líneas fijas por cada 100 habitantes.
    (Flere mobiltelefoner end danskere! 30. marts 2006)

    BBC NEWS Mobile downloads hit the charts. 14% of all music downloads are to mobile phones. March 29, 2006
    Nearly 7% of all chart music bought this year has been downloaded through a mobile service, according to the Official UK Charts Company (OCC)

    Cnet. Palm's 10th Anniversary It's been a decade since Palm debuted its first PDA at a Demo conference. Now we've got Treo and BlackBerry and some really smart phones. CNET's Rafe Needleman and Bonnie Cha talk with Harry Fuller about the past, present and iffy future of the Palm (video)

    BBC NEWS Japanese comics go mobile by Richard Tylor. March 24, 2006
    Two-thirds of Japan's population - about 80 million people - are using their mobiles. They can read electronic books and comics in their mobile phones.

    Behavioral Insider by Phil Leggiere Targeting The Small Screen March 24, 2006
    With 160 million Internet-enable cell phones already in circulation today, over 20 million people surfing the Web from their phones regularly, and close to 5 million Americans now owning video-enabled handsets, the small screen is clearly ready for prime-time advertising. One of the biggest hurdles advertisers have faced till now, however, has been how to effectively target and deliver ads to that huge audience. In the conversation below, Tom Burgess, CEO of Third Screen Media, one of the first wave of ad networks devoted to the new medium, explains how the age of targeting is finally dawning for mobile. (USA) (see post related to this article on Ciberpesquisa)

    BBC NEWS 3G mobiles 'change social habits'March 23, 2006
    Increasing use of 3G mobile phones can change the way people communicate and create new social trends and tribes, a behavioural study has suggested. Analysts Future Laboratory said the report was the first ethnographic survey of 3G use across the UK.

    New study questions mobile TV and music hype. By Marguerite Reardon.CNET News.com March 3, 2006.
    Americans may not be as enamored by the idea of watching TV and listening to music on their cell phones as mobile carriers had hoped.

    Magazines and Mobile: Test, Wait and Watch March, 2006.
    "In a new survey from Media Industry Newsletter and IWantMedia, most magazine publishing executives say that despite the hype surrounding mobile data platforms, their expectations and plans to go mobile remain modest. The few magazine brands that already see demand for mobile extensions of their content are very enthusiastic about the platform and claim early success. But for the most part, print executives complain that unclear revenue models, complex uncommunicative relationships with carriers, and a dearth of audience demand leave them in wait-and-see mode".

    World Cup goes mobile - anyone watching?
    Source: EJC Media News Digest of 10 March 2006
    Original Source: (Deutsche Welle, March 10, 2006)

    T-Mobile, the mobile wing of the German telecoms company Deutsche Telekom, is planning to broadcast 20 matches of this summer's World Cup.
    Mobile phone customers will pay EUR 2 a day, or EUR 7.50 per month for the package, which will also include programming from MTV. British
    mobile provider O2 is planning a similar venture to coincide with the World Cup, but with a smaller group of users.

    Coming on the heels of successes with Asian mobile phone users, European companies are wondering if a World Cup year will bring the breakthrough
    they have been waiting for. Ever since the establishment of UMTS networks across Germany enabled users to do everything from downloading
    video clips to checking e-mail, telecoms companies have been trying in vain to get customers to purchase the extra services.

    Among the 80m mobile phone users in Germany, only 2.3m have phones capable of exploiting the various UMTS features - though 9m are expected
    this year. Analysts are sceptical about the number of people who will actually take advantage of the World Cup offers by T-Mobile and O2.
    Though 100,000 customers tuned in to watch a live broadcast of a Robbie Williams concert last fall, interest in football, which does not play
    well on a small screen, could be limited.

    Text messaging.The Economist Original Source: Americans get the message. The Economist March 2nd 2006.
    TV has to do with the increasing adoption of SMS in USA

    Movistar presentó nuevos servicios 24.01.2006 | 14.38
    Las nuevas prestaciones de Movistar son tres tecnologías pioneras en el mercado uruguayo: correo móvil, banda ancha móvil y video móvil. http://www.espectador.com/nota.php?idNota=60913

    The Korea Times : Media Changes News Consumption Culture January 18, 2006
    The new media, including satellite digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB), mobile Internet service and portable multimedia players (PMP), are now destroying longstanding barriers with the old paper-based media and reshaping traditional news consumption.

    ChinaTechNews.com is the Technol the Latest Chinese News, Information, and Commentary on Internet, Computers, Science, Electronics, Law, Security, Software, Telecom, and Wireless IndustriesJanuary 11, 2006
    The Shenzhen Mobile Phone Paper, China's first registered mobile newspaper which has been jointly launched by the Shenzhen Press Group and China Mobile Shenzhen, has formally launched its beta test

    New networks for mobile TV | CNET News.com January 9, 2006.
    "Two tech industry stalwarts are building ambitious "supercharged" networks that could help make mobile television commonplace in the United States".
    "That's where MediaFlo and Modeo come in: They're attempting to build the heavy-duty network that can make mobile TV work. They're working on networks designed for "multicast" transmission, which means they transmit signals once to many devices. This is exactly how traditional broadcast television works."

    Yahoo goes mobile | CNET News.com January 5, 2006
    "Yahoo's e-mail, instant messaging, photo and other services are now available on mobile phones and PC-connected TVs, as well as on personal computers without using a browser."

    MocoNews. My Inevitable Predictions For 2006 by James I certainly agree with this one: "As the news that mobile telephones are becoming increasingly common in developing nations, far more common than computers, efforts to connect populations to the internet will switch from computers to mobile handsets.

    BBC NEWS | New era heralded for mobile TV December, 2005.

    BBC NEWS Endemol launch mobile TV channels October 20, 2005.
    Endemol -The TV company behind Big Brother- plans to launch the Extreme Reality Channel, featuring "weird" clips from the world of entertainment, followed by a Comedy Channel.